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Premium Microfiber Towel

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Our premium waffle weave bath towel is the ultimate go-to towel around the home. Its size makes it perfect for drying off after a shower or coming out of the pool. It also makes for a perfect towel for a toddler, giving them neck-to-ankle coverage.

These ultra-absorbent towels dry unbelievably fast to avoid any unpleasant "towel funk" odors. These towels are also super compact, folding up to less than half the size of a traditional cotton towel—meaning not only are they great for travel, but they're perfect for a day at the gym or the yoga studio.


  • 1 x Bath Towel (56" x 30")

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Reindersma
Truly Surprised

I bought a bath towel fully expecting to be just as unimpressed as every other towel I've spent fortunes on that lose that nice feeling forever after a few washes. Not to mention, how nice could a microfiber towel actually feel? Well I am shocked at the quality and feel of them They're nothing like you'd think a microfiber would feel. I don't know how they do it but I'm so extremely pleased I ordered more and am giving away my cotton towels to the local pet shelter. Do yourself a favor and buy these.

Sarah Foreman
Bath towel

I bought a bath towel earlier this year, just to try out and loved it so much, I've bought another one. This one is just as good and would definitely recommend them

karen whitehurst

Pls offer different color choices

Kerry Glynn
Great Bath Towels

Love my Maker's bath towels. Quick drying and wash well. Great colour.

Audrey Huggins
Delightful Change!

These towels work perfect for me. Those oh so thick, plush terry towels make me feel as if the water never actually came off my body. These Maker's Bath towels feel crisp, sleek, spa-like; coupled with less odor, room, and fast drying. I am constantly throwing out towels that smell and well, are so cumbersome in the linen closet. I also love these towels to throw one in my gym bag or for when I get out of the swimming pool. Change feels strange at first but after one time using them, I will not be reverting back to regular towels.

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